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Great quality work..! I will be extremely happy to work with your organization again.

- Mark Taylor

Excellent Results. You provided accurate scanning work at affordable prices.

- Richard

You have done perfect product redesigning work. This is great and you will surely have a bonus.

- Smith

I am impressed by the quality of the work and process. I got my work done exactly as per my needs..!.

- John

It's great to work with your firm. I strongly recommend you if someone need quality services at amazing affordable cost.

- Mac

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Manufacturability Analysis

Hi-Tech is here to help you when you want to get perfect design of the product for manufacturing, because it is difficult for you to get the set-up needed for machining, assembling, heat-treatment, welding, molding and all sorts of mechanical operations.

Manufacturability analysis services of Reverse Engineering Outsourcing is a powerful tool of performing step-by-step analysis of the entire manufacturing process related to each part. You don't have to hire high-profile Engineers to enable your plant with the entire set-up relative to each product you want to fabricate. Instead, you just need to make a Quote with us, and within an hour, the solution of your problems starts coming your way!

Benefits of Manufacturability Analysis

  • Assessment of your Production line and Manufacturing Process
  • Mass centering of Machines
  • Balancing of shafts
  • Overall Process Improvement
  • Six-Sigma Approach

Services We Offer

  • Multi-product Design and Integration
  • Sheet and Extrusion Forming analysis
  • Bending (Stretch Forming, Rotary Draw Bending, Press Forming)
  • Hydroforming
  • Sand & Permanent Mold casting processes
  • Line Balancing on Assembly lines
  • Conveyor speed Management
  • Spare parts planning
  • Tool designing and Analysis
  • Raw Material assessment

Our Benefits

  • Detailed Process and Machinery Analysis Report - Your power to manage your resources for best use
  • Six-Sigma Approach, to answer What, Why and How of the Loopholes in the process
  • Constructive criticism
  • Highly experienced staff with a knowledge of variety of applications
  • Quick Turn-around time

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