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Reverse Engineering Outsourcing is a leading Engineering and Design Service Provider company providing reverse engineering solutions for modifying an existing product after analyzing its design and working in detail. It will help you to make 2D drawings, assemblies and 3D models from already manufactured models.

At Reverse Engineering Outsourcing, we provide a wide range of services to our customers all around the world and these services are mostly used when you need some design changes or a new part is to be fit into an existing assembly.

Benefits of using our Outsourcing Services are:

  • 100% similar CAD data according to object’s original design
  • Precise design of a new part to fit a legacy part
  • Accurate 3D modeling of performance surfaces
  • Duplication of plastic injection molds, obsolete molds and tooling
  • Clone or RE-design a product without mechanized defects
  • Manufacturing drawings for rapid prototyping and production
  • CAD data for several machine components or mold and quickly scanning parts
  • Reduction in production time, cost and resources

This is a complex procedure as there are all kind of freeform in shapes and sizes of a physical component. With the advancement in technology, the sizes of components are reducing while their complexities are ever increasing. It is impossible to use traditional measurement services and manual inspection techniques for reverse engineering because of the high number of complex surfaces and probable inaccuracy involved.

We use sophisticated 3D laser scanning to form various 3D CAD models that perfectly matches the features of original product, including parametric features.

Our experienced team of professionals can deal with software such as Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, Pro Engineer, RapidForm, GeoMagic, IGES/STEP and CATIA for 3D CAD Modeling.

Variety of Output for Manufacturing Drawings:

Parametric Model
It detects the unique information of parts and component without including any manufacturing faults. You can find it in the form of parametric model which can modify original data parametrically for all types of product redesign.

Shrinkwrap Surface Model
This output captures the original form of the product and includes the manufacturing defects. It even detects patch-work of small surfaces with non class A surface finish.

Hybrid Surface Model
It also converts the original data of the model but without the manufacturing details. All the modifications obtained require re-trimming.

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Great quality work..! I will be extremely happy to work with your organization again.

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Excellent Results. You provided accurate scanning work at affordable prices.

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I am impressed by the quality of the work and process. I got my work done exactly as per my needs..!.

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It's great to work with your firm. I strongly recommend you if someone need quality services at amazing affordable cost.

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